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It’s time America was written primarily to serve as a poetic and spiritual gauge for a nation that is heading in the wrong direction at a neck breaking speed. It is a nation that is stealthily trying to establish a globalized economy but cannot agree on a capitalized one. It wants to establish a government controlled church or religion. The objective is to divorce God from this nation, separate him from its constituents, silence him in his church, declare his word as offensive and censor it.

They may succeed in casting God out of their nation, school, home or church but it is impossible to succeed in casting him out of his world. The one and only solution this nation has is to change the current direction its heading and choose to return or turn to accept and serve the only true and living God.

January 15, 2019

It's Time America To Choose and Change


Initially when I felt impressed to write this book the original title was, “Striving ti win the race”. After reading several verses of scripture like I Cor. 9:14 and Phil. 3:8-9 I realized that the Christian race could be likened unto a physical race that is run by athletes. I then decided to change the title to “Running for the prize”.

This race is unlike other athletic races where the runner who crosses the finishing line first to receive a gold medal for his achievement. It can be compared to a marathon race where every individual who chooses to enter must run the race with patience and endure to the end. This is a race where everyone who participates in it will receive the same prize, “The Crown of Life” no matter when you cross the finishing line.

March 15, 2019

Running For the Prize: $15.00

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