JATAL's Continuing Story of  "Why I Wrote Divided Race"

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2019

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Part III Why I Wrote Divided Race

April 14, 2019

I started working on the book the following day. About three months later I had a completed manuscript that I submitted to a friend and church member who was an English professor of Southern University. She would proofread and edit it for me. When she read the manuscript she stated that it was controversial just as I had been told. She was not at that Tuesday night service in June when this was prophesied to me and I had not discussed it with her. That truly was a confirmation.

When the proofreading and editing was completed I submitted the manuscript to the publisher for publication. The book was published and I had it in thirty days later. I have written five books and this is the only one that was published in thirty days.

(1.) This book focuses on seven issues common to this race as well as others: (1.) Poverty, (2.) Illiteracy, (3.) Abortion, (4.) Broken homes, (5.) School dropouts, (6.) Drugs and alcohol, and (7.) Incarceration.

Part II Why I Wrote Divided Race

April 07, 2019

It was Monday morning of June 2013 I don’t remember the date that I began searching for a poem that I had written and misplaced. After I couldn’t find it in my home I went into the storage building to continue searching for it. While I was looking in every box I saw that had paperwork in it I eventually came across the box that had those two pages in it. I picked them up and read what I had written and place them back in the box where they were. I never found the poem that I was looking for.

Later that afternoon those two pages crossed my mind and once again I returned to the storage building to get them and I decided that I was going to write a book but I knew I was going to need more than two pages. I brought them in the house and placed them on my computer desk. No one knew of my intentions other than God and me. On Tuesday night which is our regular midweek service we had a guest evangelist who just happened to be a former member of our church years ago.

Upon concluding her message she began to call to different individuals around the altar to minister to them personally. After she had finished ministering to all the individuals of the first group she called me to come from the back of the building near the door. She began to tell me that the Lord said that I was going to write a book from something that I had starting writing years ago and that it would be controversial and that I would also be writing two additional books as well.