Christian Poetry The Language Of The Soul

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It's time for a soul stirring decision!

It's time for a soul stirring decision!

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Why I Wrote King Jesus or King Herod

It was during the fourth quarter of 2017 as I was reading the gospel of Matthew that I became inspired to write a poem about “Jesus and the multitude". After having read all of the verses about this topic in Matthew, I read all of the accounts in Mark, Luke and John. When I began to write the poem I realized that the length of it would be much longer than the twenty one line poems that I had been taught about in poetry symposiums years before. So I decided to write a second poem which developed into several others. Shortly, thereafter, I decided to write everything about every phase of Jesus life from his birth to the ascension and the second coming.

After reviewing the poem that I had written about his birth I realized the evil intent of King Herod. He had a selfish desire to reign in his kingdom alone without fearing competition from anyone else. When he heard that a new king was born he felt that this king would challenge him in his reign so he felt his only alternative was to destroy his competition. He did not realize or understand that Jesus wasn’t born to establish a political kingdom but a spiritual one. His mission was to save lives but Herod’s mission was to destroy lives.